Iowa State University Extension and Outreach County Employee Performance Review Employee:

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach County Employee Performance Review
XXXXXXXX County Standard Employee Appraisal Form
Appraisal dates range
Employee Initial Start Date:
Employee directions to complete Performance Appraisal Form:
1) Complete all sections of the form relevant to your positions providing dates, examples and comments.
2) Return to your personnel committee chair or director supervisor 1 week prior to your scheduled review date.
Rating Factors
Key Performance Indicators
(all factors must be rated)
U = UNSATISFACTORY work. Work performance
DOES NOT MEET normal job requirements and
S = SATISFACTORY work. Work performance MEETS
normal job requirements and expectations.
E = Exceeds Expectations. Specific areas/projects
employee has exceeded expectations performance.
1. Professional Job
2. Client Relations
3. Staff Relations
4. Marketing Role
5. Fiscal
6. Education for
7. Continuing
• Organizes assigned tasks and establishes priorities.
• Does not let non-business activities interfere with
professional responsibilities.
• Adapts to change & workloads.
• Adheres to the work schedule and is flexible when
asked to complete tasks.
• Maintains client confidentiality.
• Follows established policies and procedures.
• Observes safety and housekeeping standards.
• Responds in a prompt and courteous manner to client
requests providing high quality customer service.
• Uses good judgment in determining best way to help
• Works as a team with other staff.
• Respects rights and opinions of others.
• Accepts and uses constructive suggestions/feedback.
• Provides constructive suggestions.
• Routinely promotes Iowa State University (ISU) and
ISU Extension and Outreach (ISUEO) as a credible
source of research-based information and education.
• Routinely markets ISUEO.
• Adheres to ISUEO marketing standards.
• Ensures all materials convey a professional and
consistent branding image (County, ISUEO, ISU, and
• Ensure brand is positively portrayed.
• Handles and manages funds according to fiscal policy
& procedures.
• Follows fiscal policy purchasing guidelines.
• Looks for and uses the teachable moment.
• Creates a positive learning environment.
• Participates in professional development appropriate
to position and expectations. • Acquires knowledge and
skills needed to perform required job responsibilities.
8. Job specific
factors (from the
employee job
9. Overall Rating
Specific duties/responsibilities from the
employee job description.
Performance Appraisal Discussion Questions:
What are the most significant job-related accomplishments or achievements since your last review?
What challenges were encountered over the appraisal time period? How did you deal with or overcome these challenges?
What do you consider to be your most important opportunities and goals for the next year? (Civil Rights included)
What supportive action(s) by the Extension Council could be most helpful to your job performance in the next year?
What professional development opportunities would benefit you in your job performance for the upcoming year?
By signing the appraisal form does not mean you agree to the comments or “rating”, rather that you acknowledge this review has been discussed and you received a copy for your records.
Signature of Employee
Signature of Extension Council Representative(s)