Project Concept Form Request name e.g. New carpark database [Draft]

Information Technology Services
Project Concept Form
Request name e.g. New carpark database
Describe request purpose e.g. FM require a new database for carparking and would like us to
build, manage and support it
Project Concept Form for ____________
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Project Sponsor:
Name of project sponsor e.g. Director
School or CSU:
Name of requesting department
Project Point of Contact/Business Owner
Name of first point of contact for request
Customer Relationship Coordinator:
Name of ITS staff submitting form
Date Request Received:
Date request was raised by customer
Date Contacted Client:
Date requirements were gathered for
concept form
Date Reviewed by Client:
Date completed concept form was
reviewed by customer
Date Reviewed by PRC:
Date the concept form was reviewed by
the project review committee and
decision to proceed or not was made
This Concept Form will be reviewed by the ITS Project Review Committee and the
decision will be communicated back to the relevant Customer Relationship
Coordinator and / or school.
Project Concept Form for ____________
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Summary of Requirements
What is the background to your request?
Historical background and reasoning to the request. E.g. Database has been used for 5
years and is sitting on a desktop. Desktop keeps breaking down.
What is your requirement / need?
Details of the customers requirements and outcomes from project/workflow. E.g. Customer
requires this database to be converted to a format that is supported by ITS.
What are the reasons / drivers for doing this work?
Main business benefits to be gained by completing the request.
Review Panel Feedback:
Feedback from initial review by technical and operational resources from throughout ITS.
Will ongoing support be required from ITS? Please delete those not applicable.
Infrastructure Hosting
Systems Management
Database Administration
Storage Management
Application Support
Funding, Resources & Timing
Have you made any budget or resource allowance for this work?
Is funding available and who is responsible for funding.
When do you need this work to be completed?
Estimated timeframe that customer requires the request to be completed.
Risks & Issues
Are there any constraints that need to be considered in the execution of this
Any reason the request may not be initiated/completed or any issues the completion of the
request may raise. E.g. No DBA has knowledge of existing service.
Project Concept Form for ____________
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Stakeholder Interest / Roles
Who has a major interest in this work?
Users who will benefit from the completion of the request.
Technical Overview
Which existing systems/applications (if any) would need to be integrated with
the proposed system?
Type of Information
e.g. Exchange
Exported email address lists
What are the server/storage requirements (if any) that need to be considered
with the proposed system?
Server description
Complete if known.
Disk requirements
Backup requirements
Operating System
What is the proposed Disaster Recovery approach for this concept?
Is the request considered to be under scope of any remote disaster recovery plans
Is disk space required for Disaster Recovery for this concept?
Will the request require any remote storage if DR needed
Does the service require local DR backup capability?
Does the request need a backup and if so how long. E.g. backup to tape needed, 6week
rotation only.
Project Concept Form for ____________
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Additional Information / References / Supporting Documents that are
related to this project?
Additional info, vendor contact details, websites etc
Project Concept Form for ____________
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