Ch. 20 Study Guide 1. Violent crimes involve what?________________________

Ch. 20 Study Guide
1. Violent crimes involve what?________________________
2. Taking something of value from someone without using violence is known as
3. What’s an indictment?____________________
4. Why might a defendant plead guilty to a crime?_________________________
5. What’s the purpose of rehabilitation?________________________
6. One result of plea bargaining is that what can happen?_____________________________
7. The Constitution says that a grand jury must review all cases that involve
8. There is a separate justice system for young people because they need __________________,
not ______________________?
9. Who decides what happens to a juvenile during the process of
10. During the dispositional hearing of a juvenile court case, the judge decides
11. What might be an advantage for young offenders in regular criminal
12. What is one criticism made of the juvenile justice system?_____________________________
13. Juvenile courts are what type of courts?____________________
14. At which step does the judge make the decisions concerning the
15. Why do judges set bail for certain defendants?_________________________
16. A delinquent is a person who is?_____________________________
17. How is robbery both a crime against a person & property?___________________
18. What happens at a preliminary hearing?_______________________
19. Why are rapid changes in the economy considered possible causes of
20. A person can be arrested if the police have a what?______________________