Valley Elementary/Middle School

Valley Elementary/Middle School
Kathryn M. Brior
Acting Principal
Laura Barletta
79 Rock Glen Road
Sugarloaf, PA 18249
(570) 459-3221 Ext 26500
FAX: (570) 459-788-4718
Francis X. Antonelli, D.Ed
Superintendent of Schools
Craig B. Butler, D.Ed
Assistant to the Superintendent
Dear Parent,
Your son/daughter has chosen to become a candidate for the National Junior Honor
Society at the Valley Middle School. This is a prestigious organization that recognizes young
persons with qualities of scholarship, service, citizenship, character and leadership.
In order for your son/daughter to be inducted into the Society, which takes place in
May, he or she MUST have the following three qualifications with NO exceptions:
1. Grade point average of 93 or above after the 3rd quarter
2. 10 service credits accrued by the end of the 3rd quarter (see attached sheet)
3. Be in good standing at school or in the community (Behavior that necessitates
disciplinary action will automatically disqualify any candidate.)
Please sign below that you and your son or daughter fully understands and accepts the
expectations of becoming a member of the NJHS of the Valley Middle School. It is suggested
that your child maintain a copy of this letter as a reminder of what needs to be done in order to
be inducted in May. Your child must return this form to Mrs. Grobelny by Friday, October 3.
I look forward to working with your child this school year.
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