MMG Qualifying Examination Form___________________________________

MMG Qualifying Examination Form___________________________________
Print one of these pages for each committee member to fill out. Submit all pages and your summary of
comments page to the Program Administrator at 1462 Clifton Rd, Suite 300A in the old Dental Building
within one week of your exam.
Student Name: _________________________________
Date: _______________
Faculty member: _____________________________________________________________
Faculty member is to provide feedback regarding each area below.
Written Proposal
Adequacy of experimental approaches:
Oral Examination
Defense of proposition:
Knowledge of relevant background literature:
Presentation skills:
Ability to think logically when confronted:
Precision in responding to questions:
General comprehensive background:
Overall grade and recommendations if any:
MMG Qualifying Examination Summary Form_________________________
Summary of comments and recommendations made by the committee and
action plan for implementation
In this section, briefly summarize the comments and critiques made by the committee on the written proposal,
oral defense, and areas of weakness or concern with respect to the experimental work and/or scholarly acumen.
Provide a brief plan of action for steps to be taken in consultation with the PI should any areas of concern be
identified. The student and PI will sign and date this summary, and the student will get members of the
committee to endorse the plan by signing as well. The student is responsible for turning in this signed form to
the Program Administrator along with the faculty comment/grade pages to formally complete the qualifying
exam requirement. (Use additional pages if necessary.)
Student Signature: __________________________________________
Date: ____________________
PI/Mentor Signature: ________________________________________
Date: ____________________
Committee Member Signatures:
3. __________________________________
4. ____________________________________