Name: ... 1. Breakfast is an important meal. ... A. Correct the errors.

A. Correct the errors.
1. Breakfast is an important meal.
I’m always eating breakfast.
2. David staied home because he catched a bad cold.
3. Yesterday I was working at my computer when Jim was coming to the door of my
I wasn’t knowing she was there.
When he suddenly speak, I am jump.
I was concentrate hard on my work.
He startle me.
4. If you are tired, you should lay down and take a nap.
5. The student raised from her seat and walked to the front of the auditorium to
receive her diploma.
6. Where are my books?
I lay them here on the desk five minutes ago.
7. Since I came to this country, I am learning a lot about the way of life here.
8. Before I come here, I never was buying anything from a vending machine.
9. How long you been living here?
I been here since almost two year.
10. While Ted’s reading in bed last night, his phone ring.
B. Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses.
1. Right now the children (be)
a good time.
at the beach. They (have)
They (have)
a beach ball, and they (play)
catch with it. They (like)
parents (sunbathe)
. They (try)
to get a tan.
to music on a radio.
2. A: Where’s Tim?
He (be)
absent from class for the last five days.
(anyone, see)
B: I have.
to play catch.
him lately?
I (see)
him yesterday.
He has a bad cold, so he (be)
home in bed since the weekend. He (be, probably)
back in class tomorrow.
3. A: I am tired. We (walk)
and rest for a while.
B: Okay.
for more than an hour.
Let’s stop