Methane vs Carbon Dioxide

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Methane vs Carbon Dioxide
Compare the two gasses, Carbon Dioxide and Methane using a search engine try to
research the following information. Good Luck our warm planet needs your help.
What is the chemical formula of Carbon Dioxide and Methane?
What is heat capacity? What are the Heat Capacity’s of Methane and Carbon Dioxide?
Write as a ratio (be sure to be consistent with units)
What are the Sources/ Causes of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?
What are some positive uses of each gas?
Methanogen – What is it?
How much methane is in the atmosphere?
How much CO2 is in the atmosphere?
How can we trust these statistics? What are the difficulties in measuring the CO2 and
Methane concentration?
Why is methane worse than CO2? Quantify your description (HINT: do they both have
the same green house effects? Which is worse? Why and by how much?)
Where does the Methane come from?
How can we reduce the production of methane from some of these sources of Methane?
(Be Creative: For example a methane tank attached to the stomachs of cows)
For comparison, how can we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?
How fast are the polar ice caps Melting? Why is this significant?
How much would the ocean rise if the polar ice caps melted?
Besides a rise in water level are there any other harmful effects from the melting of the
polar ice caps? (HINT: what might be released if the ice caps melt?)