Unit 1

Unit 1 英文對話
F : Fiona(本地生) C: Cherish (外籍生)
F: Hi,my name is Fiona. What’s your name?
C: My name is Cherish.
F: Nice to meet you,Cherish .
C: Nice to meet you,too,Fiona.
F: Where are you come from?
C: I am come from Japan.
C: Have you ever been to Japan ?
F: Yes. I have been to Japan before.
I really like Japan’s food .
And many things in there are very lovely.
Everything I want to buy them to go home.
C: Yes. my hometown is very unique for me .
F: Do you have any habit?
C: Yes,I like listening music. Like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey are
my favorite singer. How about you?
F: I love to go to singing with my friends.
Because I can sing as loud as I want.
C: oh yes. That’s so great.
F: What is your favorite food in Taiwan ?
C: My favorite food is pearl of milk tea, and beef noodles .
The beef tastes so tender in my mouse. And the soup is delicious.
oh,I love them,too. Can you tell me more about your country?
C: OK. That’s my pleasure. Japan is very clean place.
And everybody is very hard-working.
But there are many natural damage, like earthquake, typhoon…..
And what do you think about people in Japan ?
F: I think people in Japan are friendly. And nice to get along with .
C: Yes. This is the reason I love my hometown.
Thank you very much . Let me have a beautiful day.
Talking with you is so happy.
Me,too. I must go back home . See you tomorrow .
Bye-bye. See you tomorrow .