We built brick by brick. We insisted that we should use the best something. We
spent a lot of time attain the aim. Although we are exhausted, we feel
happy. From the begin to the end, Let me believe that insistence can
accomplish the dream.
Sunny house was located on sunny lake, and close to sunny old street. In the
spring, you can view cherry blossoms. In the summer, you can see a lot of
fireflies. In the winter you can go to a hot spring. We provide tasty Hakka
dishes. There are the best environment and perfect view in our hotel. Let you
see magnificent mountains around you. We hope that you will experience.
Superior Room
Room Details:
Size: 11
Occupancy: 2
Bed: 150×200 cm
Room Rates: NT$8,000
Double-Double Room
Room Details
Size: 13
Occupancy: 4
Bed: 150×200 cm
Room Rates: NT$10,000
Xian gtianhu, Nan zhua n g To wnsh ip , Miao li Count y 3 53, Taiwa n