4A370085 A:Can you help ... B:Ok , but I ...

企管一甲 4A370085 王莉晴
企管一甲 4A370010 林慧雯
A:Can you help me return the book to Alba?
B:Ok , but I don’t know him , how does he look?
A:He is very handsome , and he often wears a striped
B:I know ! He is blond and very thin .
A:His personality is also very outgoing .
B:Wow , may I make friend with him?
A:Of course , he likes to make friends .
T-shirt .
B:He seems to be attractive .
A:Long time no see , how is your college life?
B:So far so good . I catch the train to school every day . How about
A:I often get up at 7:00 .
B:What do you get up so early?
A:I walk to school , and sweep the floor .
B:Poor thing. What about weekends?
A:I sometimes go shopping , sing karaoke .
B:Fantastic ! I enjoy shopping and karaoke on weekends, too .
A:Nice to meet you , I’m your new roommate .
B:Nice to meet you too , how will you arrange our dorm room?
A:I think we can stick some posters on the wall .
B:Then put some cushions on the chair .
A:Good idea.
B:We can put a rug in front of the
A:Fantastic! It will be a comfortable room.
B:Let’s do it now.
door to keep it clean .
A:Excuse me , is there a park near here?
B:Yes , there is one on Second Avenue.
A:How do I get there?
straight Main
A:Thanks . By the way , is
B:There is one on the corner
A:Sounds easy . I think I
B:You are welcome . Have
for two blocks .
there a hospital near here?
of Main Street and Second Avenue .
will find it . Thanks .
a nice day .