4A31B033 黃曉柔 4A31B034 吳易樺

4A31B033 黃曉柔
4A31B034 吳易樺
A: 本地同學
A:HI, Laura.
A: Where are you from?
B: I’m from Korea.
A: Wow,Korea is a good country.
A: There are a lot of fashion people.
B: Yes,you are right.
A: Who did you go with?
B: Some friend. They are all from Korea.
A: What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited?
B: Japan.
A: Why?
B: Because I think the scenery is very beautiful in Japan.
A: When did you start studying here?
B: Since two years ago.
A: Do you miss your family?
B: Yes,I miss my family so much.
A: Tell me about your family.
B: Unh……I think they are all best people in the word.
A: What do you do in your free time?
B: Read book 、watch TV and listen music.
A: Do you like sports?
B: Yes,I like sports.
A:What the favorite Sport do you like
B:I like basketball.
A: What do you think about people in Taiwan?
B: Very good,everybody all nice.
A: Who is your favorite Taiwanese singer?
B: Jolin. She is beautiful so much for me.
A: Where is your favorite place in Taiwan?
B: Nightmarket. I think something delicious and cheap in there.
A: What is your favorite food in Taiwan?
B: I like Stinky Tofu.
A:You are so unique.
A: Do you like Taiwan?
B: Yes I like Taiwan.
A: Will you stay in Taiwan after graduation?
B: Yes, I will stay in Taiwan after graduation.
A:Oh!I have a class later.Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you,too.
A: Good-bye.
B: Good-bye.