Type of meeting room 1A4C0012 Valentina Huang 1. Theater Style

1A4C0012 Valentina Huang
Type of meeting room
1. Theater Style
Seats or chairs in rows facing a
stage area, head table, or speaker
(without conference table)
2. U-shape
A series of conference tables set in
the shape of the letter U, with chairs
around the outside.
3. Classroom Style
Rows of conference tables with
chairs facing the front of a room
(and usually a speaker), providing
writing space for each person.
4. Boardroom Style (Oval table)
An oval table set up with chairs
around all sides and ends.
5. Boardroom Style (Square table)
A rectangular table set up with
chairs around both sides.
6. Conference Style
Six-foot or eight-foot conference
tables clustered in the center of the
room to form one solid surface.
Chairs are placed around the
perimeter of the tables.
7. Banquet Rounds
Used for food
functions, standard
round tables of either
60 or 72 inches in
diameter are used to
seat 8 to 12 people.
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