Unit7 對話

Unit7 對話
1. A:Tour guide , B:Front Desk Clerk
A: Check-in please. And can you tell me where is the breakfast served? And when?
B: It’s served in the banquet room starting from 6 am to 10am.
A: Where can we take the hot springs?
B: At the large baths. They are open from 6 am to 9am and 4 pm to midnight.
A: Ok and we all need a wake up call at 6:30, please.
B: Sure.
A: By the way, I want to upgrade one of these rooms. Because there is one couple
coming for their honeymoon.
B: Ok, here are your keys. Have a good trip.
2. A:Businessman , B:Front Desk Clerk
A: Excuse me, I am very exhausted. I want to take a bath and have dinner in my room.
And I need to know if the room comes with a complimentary breakfast or not?
B: Yes man, it has.
A: Ok, thank you.
3. A:Front Desk Clerk , B:Guest
B: I am the guest for room 303, I want to check-in now.
A: Sorry man, the room isn’t ready yet. Can you wait here for 10 minutes?
B: Ok fine.
A: I am sorry about that. Here is a free buffet voucher!
B: Thank you!
4. A:Front Desk Clerk , B:Guest
B: Excuse me, can we check-in right now?
A:Sorry, the regular check-in time starts from 4 pm. But I can ask the manager if you
can have an early check-in. Please wait for it.
B: Ok thanks!
A: Here is the keys, the room for 201 to 205. Have a nice day.
B: Thanks you.
休閒二甲 4A1B0035 郭姵圻
休閒二甲 4A1B0098 林昱亨