Selection & use of teaching aids 4A10H069 林怡德 4A1C0026 侯宜君

Selection & use of
teaching aids
4A10H069 林怡德
4A1C0026 侯宜君
Teaching aids
O board
O overhead projector(OHP)
O CD player
O Flashcards
O DVD player
O Puppets
O computer
O Charts
O Realia
O teacher
How do we select and use aids?
We select and use aids by thinking carefully about main aims
and the subsidiary aims of a lesson and then choosing the
most appropriate ones.
O We can easily bring into the classroom can be used to
Practicing grammatical structures
Building dialogues and narratives
Games and quizzes
Real texts(menus, timetable, leaflets)
O It can be used for teaching individual words or as
prompts for practicing grammatical structures
O An excellent resource for teaching young
ex: we can introduce new language in
dialogues between pairs of puppets.
O Posters and wallcharts
- to display larger, more detailed pictures
O A series of pictures
- telling a story or showing related objects in lexical set.
O Phonemic chart
- shows the phonemic symbols and the positions in the
mouth where the different sounds are made.
The teacher
O Hand gestures
O Facial expressions
O Mime
elicit vocabulary items
clarify meaning
create context
Finger correction which learners recognize as prompts to
correct their own mistakes