Do you like to do your homework? No, I don’t.... like to do my homework, but I really like to...

Do you like to do your homework? No, I don’t. I don’t
like to do my homework, but I really like to be a good
She likes to give her son a spanking. She is not a good
Do you like money? Yes, I do. I really like money.
Do you like French food? Yes, I do. I really like
French food.
He is rich and he likes to be rich.
Jim likes to fly a kite. He really likes to fly a kite.
This woman has a backache. Does she really like to
have a backache? No, she doesn’t. No one really likes
to have a backache.
He is a pilot, but he doesn’t like to be a pilot. He
really likes to be a sailor.
Your girl friend has a kangaroo in her house. Do you
like to play toys? No, I don’t. I like to play soccer.
George is a soccer player. He likes to play soccer. He
wants to do his housework, but he doesn’t like to do
the laundry. He likes to drink a lot of water.
Jojo is a baker. He is from New Zealand. He really
likes to bake a loaf of bread. He is in Taiwan now. He
watches a lot of goats in the field.
Jonathan is not in Egypt. He is in America. He is a
nice person. He sees a beggar on the street. He really
likes to eat pie.
Alice is from Mainland China. She hears the
telephone ring. She answers the telephone. Who is on
the phone? It is her friend. She listens to her friend
say “let’s travel to Canada to play soccer, OK?”
Daddy is from Australia. He has a puppy and a kitten.
What is his job? He is a fire fighter. He likes to put
out fires. He likes to drive the fire truck to the forest
to put out the fire.
Jimmy is form Korea. She wears a T-shirt. She
doesn’t have a mustache. She wants to be a sailor. She
likes to fly a kite.
Jungle is from France. He is a soccer player. He
doesn’t like to do some housework. He plays soccer
with his friend for two hours. He doesn’t play with his
toy gun. He writes a letter to his uncle.
Bill is in Hong Kong. He is not a horse rider. He is a
soccer player. He really likes to play soccer. It is a
windy day. It is very cold. He wears a pair of gloves.
Pepe is a rich man in England. He has a poor and
ugly friend. He really likes to play soccer.
How many days are there in a week? Seven.
What day is today? Today is Friday.
Do you come here everyday except Saturday and
Sunday? Yes, I do.
Scratch everyone on the head except Tina, Derek, and
Do you really like to play soccer? Yes, I do.
You play soccer. Then you feed some food to the
What do you do after your mother gives you a
spanking? I go outside to play soccer.
I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Then I
wear a cap. Then I ride a horse.
Do you want to work with Steven? No, I don’t.
What day comes before Friday? Thursday.
Are you early, late, or on time to the class today?
You finish your dinner. What do you want to do? I
want to do my homework.
We finish the class. Then we go home.
You go to the stadium to play basketball. You play
basketball in stadium.
Do you like to go to stadium? No, I don’t.
You do exercise in the stadium.
What do people do in stadium? They play games or
do exercise.
You exercise in a park.
Some people don’t like to do exercise. They are fat.
You exercise in the stadium. You are hot.