L5 A: What did you buy? Wh this?

A: What did you buy?
What's this?
B: Oh. I bought that at a museum
A: What does it do?
B: Uh, it doesn't do anything.
A: It's long and thin
A: So. What's it for?
B: Nothing. It's just pretty
A: Pretty? Actually, I think it's kind of strange.
B: I love it
A: What are you going to do?
B: Someday I'm going to be a teacher.
A: Really? A teacher. Wow. This is so good
B: Yeah. I want to teach students.
A: Sounds great.
B: How about you? What's your dream?
A: Hmm. I don't know. Uh, I want to pass this class
B: Just that? Dream big!
A: OK.
A: How was your vacation?
B: Look. I got this T-shirt on the vacation
A: Really? Where did you go?
B: I went to China
A: China? Wow. What did you do?
B: I went shopping. So, how was your vacation?
A: Well. I went traveling.
B: Nice
A: No. I hurt my leg. All I saw was the doctor
B: Too bad.
A: What kind of pet do you keep?
Is it a dog?
B: That's right. One guess.
A: Is it a gorilla? (啊不是已經猜出來了嗎??)
B: No, it's faster than a gorilla.
A: Is it a bird?
B: No. it's more beautiful than a bird.
A: Maybe it's a horse?
B: No. it's less friendly than a house.
A: How about a tiger?
B: Right! Four guesses.
1. 句子結束後要有句點
2. it is = it's not it.s
3. V + to VR / V-ing /
4. 注意時態