1. Family Background

1. Family Background
My name is Su, Jing Yao. I was born in Tainan and have lived here for
18 years. I have two brothers and a sister. My grandparents live next door.
My father is a mechanic and my mother works in a bank. The older
young brother is a junior high school student, and the younger one is only
one year old and my sister is an elementary school student.
2. Learning Experience
My English was so bad before going to a cram school. I found English
is not as hard as what I thought. So I made great progress in English
quickly. I passed the GEPT elementary level on my freshman year in
vocational high school. I majored in machine at high school because
machine is cool and useful. Now I hope I can enter my favorite college.
3. My Personality and Hobbies
My temper is not bad, so I have a lot of friends, and I like to play with
them. My hobbies include listening to music, play baseball, play online
games and collect dummies. Tall and wise is my feature that I proud of.
My favorite music band is FTialand that is the best in Korea.
4. Future study plan
If I entered my ideal college, I would study hard on machine and
enhance English ability. I will join a school club in college and make a lot
of friends. After I graduate from college, I will find a good job to make a
living on my own.