科目:英美文學選讀 I. Choose the most proper answer to complete the sentence:

Choose the most proper answer to complete the sentence:
_________1. A/n ____ is a construction erected on a roof or tower of a church or a public building.
(A. pulse
B. steeple
C. creep
D. indicate )
_________2. The room on the upper floors of the building had a rather ____appearance, as if they had not been used lately.
(A. cloak
B. twitter
C. chirrup
D. shabby )
_________3. The janitor was trying to clean the ____ on the wall.
(A. peddler
B. stain
C. exalt
D. elixir)
_________4. After talking to the teacher, the student’s anger ______ away.
(A. glistened
B. garret
C. faded
D. icicle )
_________5. The springs in the pond _____ suddenly so that people standing around caught wet at once.
(A. baker
B. flapped
C. ebony
D. splashed )
_________6. He always _____ thoroughly before he makes any decision.
(A. oversees
B. furnace
C. leaden
D. ponders )
_________7. He always ____ to make himself excellent enough so that his girlfriend may not leave him.
(A. swoops
B. strives
C. seamstress
_________8. In some countries, people have to make great efforts to fight against ________.
(A. beryl
B. phenomenon
C. repression
D. thimble )
_________9. After sitting too long, he seemed to ____, unable to stand up immediately.
(A. paralyzed
B. importunities
C. self-assertion
D. patch )
________10. After working all day long, he was worn out by ___________.
(A. exhaustion
B. screen
C. monstrous
D. trivil )
________11. The family devote themselves to ______. They have helped a lot of people in different areas.
(A. fearful
B. tumultuous
C. charity D. exalted
________12. Before mailing the letters, you have to ______ the envelopes with care.
(A. forestall
B. seal
C. suspension
D. recognize )
________13. After walking in the rain without carry any umbrella with him, the man was ______.
(A. aquiver
B. drenched
C. clasped
D. unwittingly)
________14. He is a/n _____ professor, so he has been invited to visit many countries to give speeches.
(A. threshing
B. remarkable
C. slipping D. pendant)
________15. The Prince wanted the swallow to _____ the jewels in his eyes to help the poor.
(A. ceiling
B. pulse
C. treasure
D. pluck out )
________16. You should show respect; don’t ______ with me.
(A. seek
B. trifle C. moonbeams
D. proudly )
________17. A/n _____ is a gem with blue color.
(A. ruby
C. sapphire D. beam )
________18. To welcome the winning team, people in the town were very excited, joining the _____ of celebrating the victory.
(A. moth
B. cataract
C. procession
D. beryl )
________19. She wanted to divorce her husband because she thought he was _____ a lot of things without telling her the truth.
(A. pomegranate B. granite
C. roaring
D. concealing )
________20. Little by little he _____ his ambition. He is not as down-to-earth as he appears.
(A. hauls
B. wooing
C. reveals
D. swooping )
________21. After dinner, the ladies were entertaining themselves in the ______ room.
(A. salon
B. haunted
C. drawing
D. dining )
________22. The people ____ against the government because they don’t like to complain in public to catch the media’s attention.
(A. murmur
B. ibises
C. amber
D. starving )
________23. He used to ______ with every girl he met.
(A. flirt
B. skate
C. crumb
D. foundry )
________24. After awaking from a deep ______, he felt good because he had enough sleep.
(A. dreadfully
B. distress
C. slumber
D. sword )
________25. The boys came upstairs with _______.
(A. agility
B. beggar
C. beak
D. practical )
________26. A lot of people, especially women and children, died in the big ______.
(A. tumbler
B. listlessly
C. crisp
D. disaster )
________27. The poor and the homeless are _____ with many ordeals.
(A. wrapped
B. embroidered
C. afflicted
D. wept
________28. I used to act out of blind _____ when I was young.
(A. impulse
B. attachment
C. coquette
D. curtsey )
________29. The library’s reading-rooms need better ________.
(A. gilded
B. bubbling
C. pane
D. illumination )
________30. It’s the most _____ thing I ever heard in my life. Why can a woman marry five men in that country?
(A. ridiculous
B. gently
C. tedious
D. hideous )
1. Identify and explain the following passages “Long years—“ he sighs. “Again you found me.” “Here,” she murmurs, “sleeping; in the
garden reading; laughing, rolling apples in the loft. Here we left our treasure—“
2. When day broke he flew down to the river and had a bath. “What a remarkable phenomenon,” said the Professor of Ornithology as he was
passing over the bridge. “A swallow in winter!” And he wrote a long letter about it to the local newspaper. Every one quoted it, it was full
of so many words that they could not understand.
3. All the next day he sat on the Prince’s shoulder, and told him stories of what he had seen in strange lands. . . . “Dear little Swallow,” said
the Prince, “you tell me of marvelous things, but more marvelous than anything is the suffering of men and women. There is no Mystery so
great as Misery. Fly over my city, little Swallow, and tell me what you see there.
4. Now her bosom rose and fell tumultuously. She was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was
striving to beat it back with her will—as powerless as her two white slender hands would have been.
5. Some one was opening the front door with a latchkey. It was Brently Mallard who entered, a little travel-stained composedly carrying his
grip-sack and umbrella. He had been far from the scene of accident, and did not even know there had been one. He stood amazed at
Josephine’s piercing cry; at Richard’s quick motion to screen him from the view of his wife. But Richard was too late.
6. Nearer they come; cease at the doorway. The wind falls, the rain slides silver down the glass. Our eyes darken; we hear no steps beside us;
we see no lady spread her ghostly cloak. His hands shield the lantern. “Look,” he breathes. “Sound sleep. Love upon their lips.”