Unit7(student1:董容妤、student2: 鍾佩宜) 2:Be a photographer.

Unit7(student1:董容妤、student2: 鍾佩宜)
1:What do you like to do when you graduate form university?
2:Be a photographer.
1:A photographer?Really?
2:Yeah, a photographer can record every moment.
1:That sounds like a great job. But it will be a challenge.
2:What do you mean?
1:Because to take good pictures needs lots experience and many skills.
2:Well, I will give it a try, because it’s my dream.
Unit8(student1:董容妤、student2: 鍾佩宜)
1:Do you have any plan this Sunday?
2:Go shopping.
1:Well, how nice. Will you go alone?
2:Yes, do you want to join me?
1:Hmm…May I join you?
2:Come on. It’s great. Don’t stay home every weekend. You should go outside
1:Ok, what time to go?
2:Let’s meet at bus stop at 1:00.
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