My favorite place to relax

My favorite place to relax
One of my favorite place to relax is my bed room.
When I was tired, I would batter lie on the bed which is
comfortable and large. In addition, I like to listen to
music and watch television on my bed. My mom always
said that I look like a lazy cat. At afternoon, I will bring
my coffee to sit on the deck chair which was put on the
balcony. Enjoy in the wind and read a magazine. If you
don’t want to read a magazine, you can see the
beautiful sun set from the ground level. On my leisure
time, I often play guitar and sing songs, or suffering on
the internet. Sometimes, I will to chat with my friends
on the phone. We always share mood each other. I
usually do some tiny things like read news paper, clean
room, read novels to spend my time.
Conclusion of Summary
Above all, that why I like to stay my bed room and
to do all that thing. I have a softy bed, a bright balcony
and many kind of books. If you were me, you will like
the bed room as well.
Conclusion of Restate
In short, when you stay in my room, you will get a
feeling that want to relax easier. Don’t be doubt for you
became a lazy cat.