Lin, Wei-Hsuan RESUME of School

Lin, Wei-Hsuan
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Zhongshan Road
Tainan 700
Cell phone : 0981620255
Email :
OBJECTIVE : Hotel waitress
Summary of Skills : learning English quickly
Proficient with MS Office, PowerPoint
EDUCATION: The Affiliated Senior High School of National
University of Tainan, June 2011
Dept of Information Management
EXPERIENCE: Be a waitress in Melody KTV.
Be a waitress in McDonald.
Be a assistant in language center.
Introduce myself:
My name is Lin, Wei-Hsuan. I'm 20 years old now. I have a happy
family with open-minded parents. So I grew up healthily. Throughout my
school years, I like to study and chat with my friends. I have a lots of
hobbies. I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, shopping, seeing movies and
learning languages. I play volleyball and learn how to cooperate with
others. I like to help others people and face challenges. Also, I like to
meet friends. So what I like to do is to play volleyball. It's can be funny
and good for health. Another reason is that I can meet with new friends
and play with them to get some experience by playing volleyball.
In the following five years, I will practice my English with efforts. I
would like to learn a second language to enhance my language abilities.
I'm not only learn a new skill but also communication with foreigners.
Then I plan to go abroad for studying fashion outfit and broaden my view.
I want to have a wonderful future and live a comfortable life.