Assignments for Smart Board PD

Assignments for Smart Board PD
1. Create a new lesson or rework an old lesson to include at least four of the following
a. Several related pictures
b. Relevant back ground picture
c. Relevant useful Sketches
d. Links to videos or websites
e. Links within the Smart File
f. Overlaid graphics or text (layering)
g. Hidden or mobile words and/or pictures
h. Hidden answers
i. Appropriate Sound
2. Download a premade lesson from a web-site and make it your own by modifying the
content (
3. Organize a “specialized” gallery which contains the following:
a. An ample number of pictures, sketches, and/or symbols
b. Gallery is organized into folders with each item named appropriately
4. A “recorded” action which is appropriate to use in class
5. Locate a collection of websites (for your subject area) which make use of the smart board
features (touch and move). Place these on a Smart “NoteBook” file as live links.
6. Make up and assignment:
*At the completion of your assignment, save the file on the Dixie j drive in the folder “Smart
Board Samples” and inform Mr. Sapp. Upon satisfactory completion, you will be awarded an
additional 1.5 hrs of PD time.