Syu Yun-Zhu 4A0C0082 Basic English Writing© Dr.H.C.Yu

Syu Yun-Zhu
Basic English Writing©
16.November 2011
My Personality
I am an introverted and quiet person. I do not have good communication skill, so I
usually have difficulty making myself understood. It is very annoying to me. I think
one’s personality is innate. At birth, people’s personality is predetermined. But maybe
my personality has some thing to do with my father. Generally, parents take the first
kid in hand strictly. Because they expect the first child to become an excellent person.
My father is very awesome, so he teaches his child stringently. If you are not up to his
standard, he will impose a penalty. Because of that, I didn’t like to talk to my father or
mother when I was little. Maybe that is why I’m a quiet person now. His way of
teaches children influence me more or less. All of the people in this world are unique.
Each them have different personality. Although I do not really like my personality, it
still belongs to me.