Betty Suarez here. No, Betty Syarez here! Daniel hasn’t left yet.

Betty Suarez here.
No, Betty Syarez here!
The lawyer is here at home. An hour ago.
Daniel hasn’t left yet.
He’s doing paperwork.
The lawywer’s gonna be here any minute to ______1________Dad’s immigration
I know, I know. I’ll get home as soon as I can.
What about shopping for Thanksgiving?
Hilda, I will get it done! Look, I gotta go.
Ha, since I started, she______2_________, all of a sudden, I don’t care about our
I always shop for Thanksgiving, and then my father and I cook the meal together.
It’s our tradition since my mother________3_________.
I’m sorry, you were looking at me and saying things.
I wasn’t really listening.
Never mind.
So, you’ve got big plans tomorrow with this guy you’ve_______4________?
What makes you say that?
You keep walking past Daniel’s office saying you’ve got big plans with this guy you’ve
been seeing.
Not anymore.
Jerk called me back an hour ago. Says he has to spend Thanksgiving with his wife and
kids. I’m like, grow a pair! I am ________5________men. They all suck.
Where’s Marc?
Hey, what are you still doing here?
The high priestess needs her outfit altered for some dinner she’s going to.
Oh, what time do I _______6_______at your place?
Around three.
Is that the time we’re eating or the time that delightful nephew of yours is putting on
his production of Thanksgiving, the Musical?
We’re eating at six.
I’ll see you at six, then.
Amm, the phone stopped ________7_________a while ago.
Look like everybody’s gone for the holiday.
Do you think maybe I cold…
Oh, yeah, sure.
You haven’t seen Sofia up here today, right?
Ok, and there’s no calls?
Oh, no, no, I don’t care. She’s got a boyfriend, right? Who she never
_______8___________mention, I might add.
If you’re serious about a guy, you’d be talking about him all the time, right.
You’re always going on about that guy Wilbur.
Walter. Daniel, are you ok?
No, I’ve spent the day waiting by the phone, checking my e-mail.
It’s like I’m _______9________to splitting a Cobb salad with Sarah Jessica Parker and
talking about shoes.
I really miss that show.
So whatcha doing tomorrow?
I have to drag my well-toned ass up to Schenectady, eat cranberry sauce in the shape
of a can and tell my family about “my girlfriend who _______10__________in
You wanna blow ‘em off and hang out?
Tempting. What’re you thinking?
We meet here at nine. I bring champagne, you bring the orange juice.
And we watch the parade from Wilgelmina’s window.
You mean try on couture gowns at Xerox our naught bits?
Of course.
I am_______11________.
French cuff or no?
No, I’d go with the cuff.
You want to live my life? Pay my bills?
Hi, Oh, Sassy.
Louis from Armani called, not happy with his placement in the issue.
Dr. Levy needs to move your teeth whitening to Tuesday.
And,…Nico said to tell you she’s coming in town for Thanksgiving.
What? She told me last week she was staying at school.
I can’t just change my plans at_______12_________.
I have the Versace party to go to.
So, it’s a work obligation.
I can’t shirk my responsibilities just to sit home and have a very Brady Thanksgiving.
She’ll just have to understand.
What’re you staring at?
You’re gonna cuff that, right?
Ok, so, don’t forget, you dad has a brunch at two pm in the executive dining room.
I’m gonna ______13_________that.
Thyanks. Marc.
You have to go. It’s your family.
OH, come on. It’s not some intimate gathering.
My father invites his editors so everyone can tell him what a genius he is.
Oh and this year my mother’ll be fresh out of detox, stealing the olives out of martini
glasses and ______14__________dry in the janitor’s closet. No thanks.
Knock, knock. Oh, am I interrupting something?
Oh, hey…
Batty was just leaving.
Yes, I was.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
So what’s new?
Ah, I met this girl, had some fun,
I found out she has a boyfriend she didn’t tell me about.
Wow she ______15________a bitch.
I’m sorry, Daniel.
I didn’t know we were going to do what we did.
And things just got out of control.
I was actually hoping that we could _____16________the part where we move on
and we try to be friends?
I’d really like to be your friend.
Me, too.
Friends’ hands don’t go that low.
I’ll see you at your father’s brunch tomorrow.
Oh, you’re going?
But you RSVP’d “no.” I mean, ______17_________I checked.
Well, I was supposed to go skiing, but now I have to get back by Friday, so, whatever.
Sounds like fun. You’re gonna be there, right?
Oh, yeah, I’ll be there . I mean, it’s my family, right?
Thanksgiving without family’d be…..
Great. Because I’m ________18__________Hunter.
And you know, in a weird way, I think you two will really get along.
Great, Yeah, Hunter. I can’t wait to meet him.
Hunter. Hunter. I can’t stop saying his name. I love him already.
See you there.
Sister Eva.
Hey, nice turkey. You making one for everybody?
So you really invite your ex for Thanksgiving?
Look who took her________19__________.
Well, he is Justin’s father.
Although these days a freaking Petri dish can be a father. Right?
So when did you two get divorced, anyway?
Oh, you have to be married to get divorced. No, this is the classic boy meets girl,
boy________20________, boy losses girl’s number.
Throw in a glass slipper and you’ve got a hell of a fairy tale.
I’m home! I’m sorry.
You go over your case with Leah?
An hour ago.
Sorry I can’t _______21________work.
And you missed my pageant at school.
I know, Justin, but there was no one to cover my phones.
Well, it was awesome. I was the only Pilgrim that could do jazz hands.
Jazz what?
Jazz hands.
Oh, well, I want to hear____22______ as soon as I get home from shopping.
Oh, hi, you must be Leah, I’m Betty, I’m sorry…
What’d you do? You went to the market?
That doesn’t sound like a “Thank you.”
Hilda, I told you that I’d do the shopping.
Since she started this job, she has no more time anymore.
I have time. I’m still doing all the cooking with Dad tomorrow.
Oh, really? what if they call tomorrow with some________23_________?
They’ve lowered the hemilines! Red alert.
Wait, you didn’t even get the stuff to make the bunuelos.
Why do you_____24________ making those every year?
No one ever eats them. Last year we had to use them to crack open walnuts.
Because Mom made them every year. Hilda.
It’s a tradition. And that was the best turkey they had?
No, that is the last turkey they had.
You were this close to _______25________a brisket.
Oh, I have so much to do.
I haven’t started to cook and I’ve still got to go to the airport.
All the kids are coming home. Tell me aobut it.
We’re having our three boys and thie girfriends.
I have no idea where we’re gonna put these people.
Well, we see them three times a year. It’s______26________.
Will you stop looking at me like the Ghost of Thanksgiing Yet to come?
Good night.
I see an old woman, all alone at a Thanksgiving table ______27______one.
Cio. Tesrtoru, it’s Whilemina. Something came up and I won’t be able to make it
Nico’s coming home. Yes.
1.go over
2. acts like
3. passed away
4. been seeing
5. so over
6. need to be
7. ringing
8. happened to
9. this close
10. lives up
11. so in
12. the last minute
13. pass on
14. sucking them
15. sounds like
16. skip to
17. not that
18. bringing
19. grown-up pill
20. knocks girl up
21. get off at
22. all about this
23. fashion emergency
24. insist on
25. stuffing
26. worth it
27. set for