L 8.2 Short Answer INSTRUCTIONS:

L 8.2
Short Answer
INSTRUCTIONS: Look at the underlined clause. Write Main if it is a main clause and
Dependent if it is a dependent clause.
She won't be late if she leaves now.
21. I bought a car so that I could drive to work.
22. Even though it was late, we decided to go out for dinner.
23. I will go away this weekend if I can find someone to watch the dog.
24. I went to bed early because I was tired.
25. Because it was cold, I wore my heavy coat.
INSTRUCTIONS: Rewrite the sentence. Change the time clause to a participle phrase.
I took a nap after I ate dinner.
I took a nap after eating dinner.
26. Hilmi got a job as a chemist after he finished college.
27. Karen met her future husband while she was studying in Paris.
28. They got in the car and left after they found the keys.
29. Tina turned off all the lights before she left the house.
30. While I was working as a waiter, I went to night school and studied English.
INSTRUCTIONS: Change each sentence from an if clause to an unless clause.
We'll go swimming tomorrow if it isn't cold.
We'll go swimming tomorrow unless it's cold.
31. You won't be a good tennis player if you don't practice.
32. David will be here at 2:00 if he doesn't forget.
33. If the weather isn't bad, we'll have a picnic.
34. Tim will take a vacation if he has enough money.
35. If you want to, we can eat at home.
INSTRUCTIONS: Rewrite the second sentence. Add the connector in parentheses. Add
punctuation as necessary.
We decided to walk instead of taking the bus. We were late. (as a result)
As a result, we were late.
36. They were late to class. They didn't hurry. (nevertheless)
37. We spent a lot of money on clothes. We didn't have much left for food. (as a result)
38. I can run a mile in eight minutes. I can't swim at all. (however)
39. Japanese TVs last longer than American TVs. Many people buy Japanese TVs. (therefore)
40. You may not borrow any more money. I want you to pay back the money you owe me.
Complete each sentence or statement.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentence. Use when or while.
We were listening to the news when they announced the end of the war.
41. ____________________ they found him, he was watching the elephants take a bath.
42. He told his mother what happened ____________________ he got home.
43. ____________________ he was talking, she interrupted him to ask questions.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentence. Use if, even if, or unless.
Even if you take the medicine, you still might not get well right away.
44. ____________________ you get a good night's sleep, you will be tired all day.
45. You may not get 100 on the test ____________________ you study all night.
46. You won't win the lottery ____________________ you're very, very lucky.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentence. Use so, so many, so much or such.
The necklace was
expensive that I couldn't afford it.
47. There were ____________________ people in the museum that I decided to leave.
48. It was ____________________ a short visit that we didn't have time to see everything.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentence. Unscramble the words in parentheses.
There were so few chairs that (chairs / few / so / that) most of us had to stand.
49. It was ____________________ (sunny / a / day / that / such) we decided to go for a walk.
50. We had ____________________ (work to do/ little / so / that) we were bored.