Please respond to the following points and email your application responses to Jaclyn
Miller, [email protected] The application deadline is Friday, March 23rd at 5:00
1. Name:
2. Phone Number/Extension:
3. Email:
4. What draws you to teaching a section of Emerging Leaders?
5. Please outline your interest and experience.
6. What class time block(s) are you available?
Program Overview:
 7 sections of the course will be offered with a maximum of 15 students per
section for the Fall 2012 semester.
 Each section will be team taught by a Professional Staff/Doctoral Student (with a
Master’s degree) and an undergraduate student.
 All section leaders will meet weekly as a group, in addition to their class times.
The time for the weekly all-instructor meeting is set for Wednesdays from 1:302:30pm.
 Each section will have pre-determined topics/chapters assigned per the syllabus.
Each section will have the same grading criteria. Each section leader will
determine the best way to communicate the information to their section.
 All sections will use the Student Leadership Challenge and Leadership for a
Better World as the text.
 Classes begin September 5th. The last day of finals is December 21st. Instructors
need to be available for all classes throughout the semester.
 Training dates will be held in May and August, according to Instructors
Learning Outcomes
 Greater self-awareness by recognizing individual strengths, abilities, and
 Develop personal understanding of leadership through material presented and
reflection on classroom experience.
 Build collaborative relationship with co-instructor and be able with work
effectively with other people in groups.
 Develop facilitation skills while creating an inclusive and welcoming learning
Sections will be offered at the following time blocks:
M & W: 9:05am-10:00am
M & W: 10:10-11:05am
M & W: 11:15am-12:10pm
M & W: 12:20-1:15pm
Benefits & Obligations:
This lecturer position offers an opportunity to gain experience teaching a 2 unit course at
the University level. All applicants must have a Master’s degree. There is,
unfortunately, not additional compensation available. All applicants need to have
approval from their supervisor to commit to the Emerging Leaders team.
Application Process:
All interested staff and administrators should complete the questions above and submit
the information, along with your supervisor’s endorsement (if applicable) to Jaclyn
Miller, [email protected] The application deadline is Friday, March 23rd at 5:00
p.m. Feel free to contact Jaclyn Miller with any questions or concerns.