Class:_____________ Number:_______________Name:__________________

Class:_____________ Number:_______________Name:__________________
) A. I don’t like school.
B. I usually help my mom do housework.
C. I’m a student.
12. (
) A. How about a basketball?
B. We had a great time at his birthday party.
C. His birthday is coming soon.
13. (
) A. Nice to see you again.
B. I’m fine. Thanks.
C. Nice to meet you, too.
14. (
) A. OK. I’ll wait for your call.
B. It’s 2658-7799.
C. Sure. Talk to you later then.
15. (
) A. It likes things that move fast.
B. It can run 48 kilometers an hour.
C. It can be kept as a pet.
16. (
) A. You bet!
B. Yeah, he’s really cute.
C. She’s three years old.
17. (
A. On Christmas Eve.
B. In 1995.
C. In Taiwan.
18. (
A. Speaking.
B. This is Tony Smith calling from America.
C. Yes, he’s not home.
19. (
A. Nothing much.
B. Yes, we’re quite upset.
C. We’re going home.
20. (
A. I don’t like popcorn, either.
B. I do, too.
C. Neither do I.
21. (
A. Before 11:30.
B. Before 1:00.
C. Before 2:15.
22. (
A. Watch TV at home.
B. Go to the beach.
C. Visit the zoo.
23. (
A. In front of her apartment.
B. In front of the convenience store.
C. In front of her mom’s office.
24. (
A. Because there’ll be an English test tomorrow.
B. Because she had a bad day.
C. Because she needs to take her sister to the hospital.
25. (
A. Four hours.
B. Twelve hours.
C. Sixteen hours.
26. (
A. Chatting online.
B. Taking out the trash.
C. Waiting for the garbage truck.
27. (
A. Frank is talking to Judy.
B. Frank is going to visit Judy.
C. Frank is having a surprise party.
28. (
A. At a fast-food restaurant.
B. At a movie theater.
C. At an office.
29. (
A. Clean up the living room.
B. Make a mess.
C. Make their parents angry.
30. (
A. Go on a picnic.
B. Go to the bank.
C. Go to the supermarket.