The Key to a Good Life

The Key to a Good Life
Can you imagine a world without character? Many people wonder why
character matters. I think that having character traits is the key to having a good
life. I believe that some of the most important character traits are compassion,
self-discipline, and perseverance.
Compassion is important for many reasons. It is important because it makes
you a better person. Having compassion means that you forgive others and you
don’t hold grudges. Also, it means that you show sympathy for others when they
are hurt or going through hard times. Compassion will help you show feelings for
other people sorrows or hardships. If you have compassion you will be a better
friend and a better person. Also, people will enjoy your company better. Without
compassion you won’t be as empathetic to others and you won’t be forgiving.
Can you imagine a classroom without self-discipline? Self-discipline helps
you control your actions, words, and desires. For example, if you and someone
else disagree on something, self-discipline will help you deal with that peacefully.
Also, it will help you deal with anger, insults and arguments. Having selfdiscipline is playing by the rules and acting responsibly. Lao-Tzu said, “Watch
you thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become
character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Think about a person.
Now imagine them without self-discipline. You will probably be imagining a
person who doesn’t think about what they say or do before they do it; they could
cheat, and they probably won’t deal peacefully with disagreements. That is why
having self-discipline is very important.
One more very important character trait is perseverance. If we didn’t have
perseverance then we would give up and nobody would do his or her best. If you
persevere and do your best then you can do anything. Persevering means being
patient and never giving up, even if you face difficult obstacles. It helps you have
a strong determination to accomplish your goals. As humans, more people are
becoming used to getting more for doing less. I believe that we have to change
that because if that goes on then we won’t challenge ourselves and we won’t set
goals or learn new skills. Having perseverance means that you find creative ways
to do things even if it is harder or takes longer.
In conclusion, a world without character is like a book without words.
Having character is relevant to my life because it makes me a unique individual,
that’s why it is so important. Having character traits helps us shape our
personality. It also helps you control your words and actions, helps you be
courteous and also helps you be a better friend. Without character we would all be
the same. But, since we do have character we all have special talents and