A. soothing B. nutrient ... F. carbohydrate content G. diabetics ...

A. soothing B. nutrient
C. sliver
D. saturated fat E. dietitian
F. carbohydrate content G. diabetics H. urinary I. edible
J. antioxidant K. drizzle L. repertoire M. calorie N. anorexia
O. universal
P. overweight Q. look up to R. skinny S. protective
T. component
________1. a unit of measuring how much energy food would contain
________2. one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc
________3. used to protect someone or something
________4. very thin and in a way that is unattractive
________5. too fat
________6. someone who is trained to give people advice about what it is healthy for
them to eat and drink
________7. feeling pleasant and making a pain less strong
________8. a mental illness that makes someone stop eating
________9. a substance that is in foods such as sugar, bread, potatoes, which provides
your body with heat and energy and which consists of oxygen
_______10. a small pointed or thin piece that has been cut or broken off something
_______11. common, the same everywhere
_______12. a patient that should eat a certain amount of sugar or carbohydrate
_______13. a substance that helps people become old slowly and protects them from
_______14. respect or admire
_______15. a type of fat from meat and milk products that is thought to be less
healthy than other kinds of fat from vegetables or fish
_______16. related to part of your body where waste water in the body comes out
_______17. to let a liquid fall on food in small drops
_______18. being able to be eaten
_______19. an entire range of resources that a person has
_______20. a chemical or food that provides what is needed for plants or animals to
live and grow