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Dear Parents of Incoming Second Graders,
We would like to welcome you and your child
to second grade. Our fall program is designed to create
a high interest in learning as well as to review first
grade skills that might have become a little rusty.
Students who have done some pleasure reading,
everyday math such as counting money or adding and
subtracting numbers less than 20, as well as short
writing experiences tend to feel more confident about
returning to school.
We go on two fieldtrips and anticipate the total cost to be about $12.00.
The District provides a ruler, pencils, a homework folder, scissors,
crayons, markers, and school paper.
Recommended Second Grade Items:
Kleenex, one box for class to share
1 ream paper for class to share
Earphones to use with computer (Kiksman only)
Please do not send pencil boxes, binders, pencil sharpeners or sets of
markers and crayons. Desk space is limited.
We will also be asking for a $10.00 donation at the beginning of the year.
This pays for the National Geographic Explorer magazine and special
Have a safe and fun summer! We’ll see you when school starts in August.
Thank you!
The Second Grade Team
Note: District Board policy and Administrative Regulation 3260 state “A student
enrolled in a school shall not be required to pay any fee, deposit, or other charge not
specifically authorized by law.”