Reading Log 蔡思瑜 Your name Student No.


Reading Log

(for short stories) Your name Student No. Date Title 蔡思瑜 4A4C0080 2015/10/8 It ain't so bad Reading level Author Publisher Please answer at least two of the following questions. Your answers should be at least 150 words. 1.

What was the main problem in the story? State the problem, how the main character dealt with it, and how you would have dealt with it differently. Jimmy and his brother were sent to the new place because their mother was in some kind of trouble. One day, Jimmy's brother heard that two kids insulted his mother. Jimmy's brother is optimistic and he learns to be strong and comforts his brother not to be sad. One day he heard two kids insulted his mother, he was really mad. When he was going to fight the kids, a cop car cruised by, so he didn't success. If I met these problems, I think I can't do anything because I am not as brave as Jimmy's brother. 2.

Write a letter to one of the characters giving him or her advice about dealing with future problems. Dear Jimmy Although your mom can't accompany to you on your growing road, at least you are also has a brother. You are not alone. Your brother hides his fear and bewilderment to take care of you. Therefore, you should cheer up. Don’t make your brother worry about you.


Make up a different ending for the story. One day when I got home from school, Mrs. Ramos called me into the kitchen. She said she wanted to introduce a person to me. I saw a woman came out. When I looked at her, I was so amazed because I found the woman is my mother. I had to pinch myself in case it was all a dream. Mrs. Ramos said that my mother was released; It was just a misunderstanding from start to finish. Finally we got home together.