Property Management Database Project – TBD – ignore the rest

Property Management Database Project – TBD – ignore the rest
The Campus Real Estate Office manages UT Austin’s real estate. This includes leases to and from the
university, license and easements as well as acquisitions and divestitures. Currently, a combination of Excel
and Word documents are used to track these properties; however, this method is cumbersome, inefficient,
and allows for significant opportunities for human error.
A more efficient manner to handle this information would be with a database.
Desired Database features:
1. A tickler system for
a. Lease expiration/renewal dates
b. Scheduled rent escalations
c. Lease operating expense reconciliation
2. Ability to upload scanned documents
3. Ability to print summaries of each lease, property or property owner
4. Ability to print results of database searches
Essential database features:
5. A way to track the following features for each property:
a. account number, latest lease document (i.e. contract) name, square footage, $ per square
foot, acreage, term of the lease (beginning and ending date), rent payment frequency,
monthly cost of lease, annual cost of lease, lease escalation dates and amounts, number of
remaining renewal options and lengths remaining in the lease, contract termination
option, current PO#s, occupying department, contact information, proportion of property
leased, building hours, and notes
Ability to search the database for
a. At a minimum:
i. Property owner / leaseholder’s name/property manager
ii. Account number
b. More desirably
i. All of the features mentioned in 2.a
Salient project challenges:
 Some property owners, e.g. US Government, lease multiple properties to UT
 Subleases of properties in which the property owner and property lessee are not the same
Key Stakeholders
 Campus Real Estate Office for The University of Texas at Austin