4a4c0031 張佳葳 Salt

4a4c0031 張佳葳
Salt is a common seasoning and play the important role in the world. It also is a
necessity in every family. We can lose it. Salt is used to make food has a flavor and
become special. In contrast, if we don`t have salt, our food would bad to eat.
Therefore, people would not have a chance to taste food wonderful. Ancient times
salt has been used to preserve food which can make food save long time. People also
make use of salt to flavor their food. It can be put in soup, dishes and biscuits and so
on. Salt also can use on sick. For example it applies for sore throat which causes
throat pain. But use some salt in water and gargle it. It will make you comfortable
and reduce your pain. In the past salt was made by manpower, now it is made by
machines do most of the work. Salt can use everywhere, every time.