HITT1345 – Healthcare Delivery Systems Course Description Course Comments


HITT1345 – Healthcare Delivery Systems Course Description Course Comments

Introduction to organization, financing, and delivery of health care services, accreditation, licensure and regulatory agencies.

Textbook Information Student Learning Outcomes

         Identify and describe the regulators of health care including government and non-government entities. Outline the role of the federal, state, and local governments in the provision of health care. Identify legislation that affects and/or regulates the health care delivery systems in the United States. Distinguish between the various health care organizations responsible for providing health care. State current mechanisms of financing health care including payment and reimbursement systems Describe specific information technologies and how they affect the health care systems. Evaluate the quality of data and the clinical documentation system in an alternative care setting; recommend changes and present data. Analyze, research and present data and information obtained from multiple resources. Understand the basic organization of the various types of hospitals and healthcare organizations. Comparative Health Information Management ISBN: 978-1-1111256-2-2