HITT1345 – Healthcare Delivery Systems Course Description Course Comments

HITT1345 – Healthcare Delivery Systems
Course Description
Introduction to organization, financing, and
delivery of health care services,
accreditation, licensure and regulatory
Course Comments
Textbook Information
Student Learning Outcomes
 Identify and describe the regulators
of health care including government
and non-government entities.
 Outline the role of the
federal, state, and local
governments in the provision
of health care.
 Identify legislation that affects and/or
regulates the health care delivery
systems in the United States.
 Distinguish between the various
health care organizations responsible
for providing health care.
 State current mechanisms of
financing health care including
payment and reimbursement systems
 Describe specific information
technologies and how they affect the
health care systems.
 Evaluate the quality of data and the
clinical documentation system in an
alternative care setting; recommend
changes and present data.
 Analyze, research and present data
and information obtained from
multiple resources.
 Understand the basic organization of
the various types of hospitals and
healthcare organizations.
Comparative Health Information Management
ISBN: 978-1-1111256-2-2
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