Alternate Media Specialist – Minimum Qualifications 1

Alternate Media Specialist – Minimum Qualifications
 AA Degree or at least two years of college, including college-level English
 Any combination of training, experience and/or education equivalent to Associates Degree in
Computer Graphics, Computer Layout and Design, Computer Aided Design, Electronic
Publishing, or related discipline with experience in Optical Character Recognition, scanning and
layout, or producing electronic text from print material in a production setting.
 Strong computer office software skills, including MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro
 Experience with computer layout and design, including experience formatting documents in MS
Word, or experience in a print shop
 Experience with customer support
 Ability to interact with students with disabilities
 Media product design principles and practices; learning styles and environments; computerbased multimedia technologies; web/electronic publishing; video technologies; software
applications including web development, word processing, graphic packages, authoring,
spreadsheet, data base, and multimedia specific packages for a variety of platforms.
 Adaptive technology for persons with disabilities.
 Accessibility strategies and requirements for various disabilities.
 Software and hardware technologies utilized to adapt text and electronic text to alternate
media such as braille, large print, and audio.
 Distance education development and practices for persons with disabilities.
 Web page access strategies for persons with disabilities.