Export Controls Visitor Screening Form University of Hawai’i Office of Export Controls

University of Hawai’i
Office of Export Controls
Export Controls Visitor Screening Form
This form is required for visitors (non-UH/RCUH employees or students) to access export-controlled areas of the
University of Hawai`i (UH). Complete this form and send to the UH Office of Export Controls (UH OEC)
(http://www.hawaii.edu/offices/export/) well in advance of a planned visit, so a determination can be made
regarding export control compliance requirements prior to the visit. Do not allow the visit to take place until after
the UH OEC makes a determination and contacts you with instructions. For questions concerning export control
regulations, contact the UH OEC and refer to specific instructions in the Export Control Program Guidelines at
Required information about visitor (one per form):
Country of Birth
Date of Birth
Country of Citizenship
Required information about the visit:
Date of Visit
Purpose of the Visit
Name of the Host
Locations of the Visit (campus,
building, room numbers, etc.)
UH Project-Specific Technology Control
Plan (PSTCP) Number or Site Specific
Technology Control Plan (SSTCP)
Submitted by: ________________________ (name of faculty/staff member who is hosting visit)
Date: _________________