Personal Inventory Locker: Selecting a Topic that is Right for You!


Personal Inventory Locker:

Selecting a Topic that is Right for You!

Let’s see what makes you unique! Complete the following interest survey. Take the time to reflect on the prompts. Answer honestly and include as much information as possible. The completed inventory will help your mentors get to know you as well as serve as your starting point toward selecting a meaningful research project.

Career and post high school plans Hobbies, sports and general interests School and extra-curricular involvement

After graduation, I plan to …

Go to college on a softball scholarship. I hope to win a national championship then go to the

Olympics. I want to study physical therapy or exercise physiology.

When I am not in school, I spend my time …

With my family. We like to watch UH football and softball. I spend a lot of time with my softball team at practice and games. I also like to spend time on my computer either

Tweeping my friends or Facewall.

Subjects in school, which I find interesting, are …

Science. I do well in science and like to do labs.


Topics that spark my interest are …

Tweeping, cyber bullying and sports strategizing.

Global and/or community issues

Issues I feel strongly about are …

Childhood obesity since everyone in my family enjoys sports.

Artistic accomplishments

I get inspired to create when …

I try to solve problems in new ways.

Volunteer/service learning opportunities

I donate time to causes which …

Work with young kids.

Hot topics Power of change

Something that I recently heard/read which made me wonder was …

The prevention and treatment of sports-related concussions. I also am interested in hereditary diseases since my grandparents have diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

If I had the opportunity to change, develop, or improve on something, I would …

More opportunities for kids to get involved in outdoor activities so they can live a healthy lifestyle.

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