Rainfall in Central Kenya Ecohydrology of Dry Ecosystems: Kathleen Ryan ‘14

Ecohydrology of Dry Ecosystems:
Rainfall in Central Kenya
Kathleen Ryan ‘14
Caylor Ecohydrology Lab
Mpala Research Center
Caylor Ecohydrology Lab
“…seeks to develop improved insight into the way that
land use and climate change are interacting to
affect the hydrological dynamics and ecological
resilience of global drylands.”
Mpala Research Center, Central Kenya
Dry Ecosystem
How much rain is falling?
Where is it coming from?
What is the isotopic
signature of the rain?
How much rainfall?
• Is the amount or pattern of rainfall
changing over time?
• Calibration
• Rain database
Where is it coming from?
Region of origin?
Land Traversed?
Earlier rains?
Geological features?
• Solar Radiation
• Distance air parcel traveled over land &
elevation of land
• Isotopic signature can be used to tag and
track water/vapor from different sources
…I could get used to this.
Thank you for
your guidance
and support.
Dr. Soderberg
Molly O’Connor
Dr. Caylor
We had a
fantastic time!
Alice Suh & Hannah Safford
John Mitonga
Dr. Rubenstein
Ekoma Akuwam
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