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Lyndon B. Johnson
• Grayson Williams
• 2nd block
• Mrs. Todd
• Lyndon Baines Johnson was born on August 27, 1908
in central Texas, not far from Johnson City, which his
family had helped settle. He graduated from Johnson
City High School in 1924. He graduated from
Southwest Texas State Teachers College at San
Marcos Texas in 1934, and briefly attended
Georgetown Law. He was married to Claudia “Lady
Bird” Taylor Johnson. He had two daughters, Lynda
Bird Johnson Robb, and Luci Baines Johnson. He
died on January 22,1973 of a heart attack on his
Texas ranch.
1937: Elected to the House of
December 9, 1941: First member of
Congress to volunteer for active duty
after Pearl Harbor was bombed
1948: Elected to the Senate
1953: Became the youngest minority
leader in Senate history.
1954: Became the Senate majority leader
1960: Elected Vice President under John
F. Kennedy
November 22, 1963: Became President
when John F. Kennedy was killed
1964: Elected President with 61% of the
vote and had the widest popular margin
in American history with more than 15
million votes
August 6, 1965: Signed the Voting Rights
March 1968: Withdrew as a candidate for
re-election to give his efforts to the quest
for peace with Vietnam
Impact on the World
He wanted equal rights and peace with Vietnam and
decided not to run for reelection because it would be a
In the book, Holling Hoodhood’s family thought that he
didn’t run for reelection because he couldn’t win.
1. “Yesterday is not
ours to recover, but
tomorrow is ours to
2. “Peace is a journey
of a thousand miles
and it must be
taken one step at a
3. “Jerry Ford is so
dumb he can’t fart
and chew gum at
the same time”.
• Click here for audio of
President Johnson talking
about the three missing
Mississippi civil rights
“The Presidents of the United States of America” by
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