Quiz 5 (10 pts) Chemistry 153 – Price Name __________________________

Quiz 5 (10 pts)
Chemistry 153 – Price
Name __________________________
1. Write the ion-product expression for each compound:
a. Calcium sulfate
b. Chromium(III) carbonate
c. Magnesium hydroxide
d. Arsenic(III) sulfide
2. When lead (II) fluoride (PbF2) is shaken in pure water at 25C, the solubility is found to be
0.64 g/L.
a. Calculate the molar solubility.
b. Calculate Ksp.
3. Barium Sulfate is used to X-ray the GI tract. Calculate the solubility of barium sulfate
(Ksp = 1.1 x 10-10)
a. In water
b. In 0.20 M Na2SO4
4. Which of the above solutions (a) or (b) should be used and explain why?