Creating PowerPoint Presentations Office Button Slide Pane Current Slide

Creating PowerPoint Presentations
Office Button
Slide Pane
Current Slide
Slide layouts
Notes pane
Match the term with the definition or example.
1. _____ Office Button
2. _____ Slide Pane
3. _____ Current Slide
4. _____ Notes Pane
5. _____ View Buttons
6. _____ Slide layouts
View Buttons
Change to normal, slide sorter and slide show views
The current “page” or slide you are working on
Different formats for text, title and object boxes
Save, Open and Print from here
Type your speaker’s notes here
Thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation
Watch the How-to video in Angel!
Open PowerPoint and save the file as Yourname_presentation.pptx (Use the Office Button).
Choose and insert new slide layouts.
Type important text from your presentation in the different slide layouts.
Add charts, tables and other visual aids when possible.
Type your speaking notes in the notes pane.
Save, close and submit the presentation for review by [DATE].
The content of the presentation is clear, easy to understand and appropriate.
The presentation is organized with a title page, an introduction, clear main points, a conclusion and a bibliography.
The information on each slide is organized in lists following the 6 by 6 rule. (No more than six lines with six words in each line)
The overall presentation design, fonts and font sizes are appropriate.
Visual Aids are appropriate, easy to read and well-explained. The student used the rule of thirds for placement.
The student used appropriate grammar, verb tenses and voice.
There are few mistakes in spelling, and punctuation.
The word choices and word forms are English-like and easy to understand.
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only