– Student Questions -2 Art 114 115

Art 114 115 – Student Questions -2
August 6, 2008
Your questions are what will make this class serve your personal needs. Please take ownership of this
class by asking class topic relevant questions. You’re probably not the only student interested in the
answer. If I find that you’re question is too narrow in scope, I’ll try to recast the question into a more
general class interest.
Question 1
My camera doesn’t have the Auto-P setting. Do I have to have Auto-P mode? And do I also need the Aperture
Priority, Shutter Priority, and the Manual Exposure modes?
Kenji response:
The Auto-P is no longer part of the equipment requirement for this class. The class focus has changed from the
tool to storytelling. Although, having better control over your tool is preferred. Auto-P gives control over several
aspect of the camera.
Controlling the ISO is critical to making high quality images. The Auto-P will allow you to custom set the ISO.
The Auto setting will change the ISO to meet lighting level condition. It’s great in theory but the end result is
usually an undesirable poor image quality.
Auto-P also provides control over image brightness through Exposure Compensation (EC) control. This is
another indispensible control over image quality.
So, even though Auto-P is no longer a camera setting requirement, I hope that your camera has Auto-P (P). Some
Sony digital have a setting called M. It actually acts like Auto-P. Although M usually stands for Manual.
Question 2
Are we not allowed to use our camera flash when shooting class assignments?
Kenji response:
Make sure the flash is turned off on all class assignment shots. Photography is about ‘drawing with light’. The
use of the camera flash destroys the natural lighting in the scene. And it was probably the lighting which made
you notice the scene in the first place.
The camera flash can override the beauty of the natural light with an unnatural and unflattering ‘front-light’.
Question 3
Do I have to do outside research for this class?
Kenji response:
If you haven’t already, go to www.dpreview.com and look up your camera and read the complete review. If you
don’t find your exact model, try to look up a similar model and read up about it. Keep your eyes open for what
has been added and, more importantly, removed…
Dpreview also has a great ‘Glossary’. Look up any photography terms that you need to know more about. Even
earn bonus point by using the ‘reportSpec.doc’ writing template to make your report on ‘terms’.
Question 4
When do I get my first grade feedback?
Kenji response:
Until you shoot 2 or 3 assignment, the grade will not be relevant or predictive. Although by midterm, your class
grade will be meaningful and predictive. Most students’ midterm grade will be a strong predictor of the final
class grade.
There will be an individual progress meeting at midterm.