We, the students of Laurel College, establish through this Constitution, a
governing body to provide a means for student representation in college
governance. We create a means for the expression of student opinion, the
opportunity for the promotion of student rights, and the protection of the
interests of individual students and of the student body as a whole.
ARTICLE I—General Provisions
Section 1 Name: The name of this organization shall be the Associated Students
of Laurel College referred to as the ASLC.
Section 2 Membership: All students currently registered in one or more courses
at Laurel College shall be members of the ASLC and shall have the right to an
equal voice and vote.
Section 3 Structure: Three branches shall comprise the ASLC:
Executive Branch
ASLC elected officers
Legislative Branch
Student Senate
Judicial Branch
Judicial Review Committee
ARTICLE II—Elections and Appointments
Section 1 Executive Branch: The elected Executive officers of the ASLC shall be
the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Student
Section 2 Legislative Branch: The Student Senate shall hold legislative powers.
Senators elected by and representing the academic areas of the college and
Senators elected by and representing student organizations shall serve in the
Section 3 Judicial Branch: The Judicial Review Committee shall be made up of
students recommended by the Executive Vice President and appointed by the
Executive President.
Section 4 Elections: In the spring of each year, the ASLC shall elect Executive
Officers by a majority vote. Qualifications for officers:
Academic areas of the college and student organizations shall elect Senators by a
majority vote to represent their areas. Qualifications for Senators:
Completion of at least 6 credit hours at Laurel College
Minimum GPA of 2.5
Enrollment in a minimum of six credit hours each semester in office
Section 5 Length of Term: The length of term for all Executive Officers, Senators,
and members of the Judicial Review Committee shall be one year, with a
maximum of five terms total service. After five terms of service, Executive
Officers, Senators, and members of the Judicial Review Committee may serve on
an interim basis for an additional year if an emergency arises where no members
are available as replacements.
Section 1 Schedule: The Executive Officers of the ASLC and the Student Senate
shall schedule separate weekly meetings. Once each semester, the Executive
officers and the Student Senate shall hold a joint meeting. The Judicial Review
Committee shall hold two meetings per semester and shall assemble at the
discretion of the Executive Officers in situations that necessitate a ruling by the
committee. The Executive Secretary or other responsible official shall post
notices in the campus newspaper and online in the bulletin at least 24 hours in
advance of all meetings of the Executive Officers, the Student Senate, and the
Judicial Review Committee. Compliance with the Brown Act shall be required for
all meetings.
Section 2 Quorum: Before taking any action or vote, a quorum of fifty-one
percent of the members of the Student Senate or the members of the Judicial
Review Committee shall be present. Executive Officers may vote and take action
on items when 80 percent or four-fifths of the Officers are present.