Nordstrom Scavenger Hunt Chapter 14 Individual Activity

Nordstrom Scavenger Hunt
Chapter 14 Individual Activity
1) Name the two or three departments that you visited and state what you noticed about
each department? Who is/was the intended target market?
2) What are the 3 things you see at nearly every cash-wrap? (Items for promotion or
3) How long did it take to be acknowledged in the each visited department? What was
your perception of each associate you engaged with?
4) Observe the merchandise feature in front of the department. What’s the merchandise
story or message they’re trying to convey? Notice any special promotions being directly
or indirectly advertised? (directly meaning did the associate tell you about the
promotion or was it indirectly done by the showing of signs) Did the associate try to add
on additional products or services?
5) Observe salespeople. Can you distinguish a sales representative from a manager? If so
or not, state why.
6) What level of service is given and what made you come to that conclusion? Was the
associate helpful? Were you offered samples, etc.? What did the associate do or could
have done to go the extra mile to make your experience and service special?
7) Go into a department that is personal to you; a place where you either like or can
identify with. Take note of your service and experience. Next, go to a different
department completely out of your element and try to engage with the sales associate
and be sure to log your experience. What was different? Describe your experience. (For
example men could visit lingerie or make up departments and woman could go to one
of the men’s departments.)
8) To your best ability, describe the 4 p’s during the sale going on right now.
9) What forms of non-store retailing and who’s the target market(s)?
If you have shopped at a Nordstrom's in a different location, compare your last
experience with todays challenge. Were there any difference? What did you notice
about the culture of the over all store? Who were the majority of clients that day?
(example: were they moms with strollers, elderly, teenagers) and how were they being
As a customer at Nordstrom, how does the company satisfy YOUR buyer