Chapter 21-study guide Adulthood: Cognitive Development.

Chapter 21-study guide
Adulthood: Cognitive Development.
#1 Discuss Spearman's concept of general intelligence.
#2-Discuss age and intelligence, focusing on the changes between age 20 and age 70
or 80. Include the results of the Seattle longitudinal study.
#3-Discuss the concepts of fluid intelligence and crystallize intelligence, indicating
what they are and how they change in adulthood.
#4-Discuss Sternberg's concepts of analytic intelligence, creative intelligence and
practical intelligence; providing a general idea of what each of these these are.
#5-Discuss the concepts of selective optimization and compensation and how these
relate to aging in adulthood.
#6-Discuss the concepts of expert cognition (thinking), intuitive thought and
automatic thinking.
#7-Discuss the concepts of strategic thinking and flexible thinking.
#8-Discuss the relationship between expertise and age, focusing on the Seattle study
of intellectual functioning.