Exam 3 Concepts-Soc110

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Exam 3 Concepts-Soc110
Chapter 9 – Deviance
1. What is the relationship between crime and biology?
2. Why is the value of psychological theories of crime considered limited?
3. Explain Robert Merton’s strain theory, and discuss where the gangster Al Capone
would fit into this theory.
4. Explain the concept of “retrospective labeling”.
6. Discuss the “medicalization of deviance” and give an example.
7. Explain Edwin Sutherland’s Differential Association theory of crime.
8. Explain Sutherland’s concept of white collar crime and how it is prosecuted.
9. Explain and give an example of each of the following.:
Crimes against persons
Crimes against property
Victimless crimes
10. Discuss the concept of plea-bargaining in the criminal justice system.
11. Discuss the various justifications for punishing offenders by putting them in prison.
Which one is the oldest justification?
12. Explain the concept of criminal recidivism.
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Chapter 11 – Social class
1. What is the median income in the US?
2. Explain income v.s. wealth.
3. What is the total wealth of the typical US household?
4. What percentage of US families have no wealth at all?
5. Discuss the effect of living in a low-class position on the individual, and their attitudes
toward social and economic issues.
6. Explain the concept of conspicuous consumption.
7. Explain intergenerational and intragenerational mobility.
8. Which portion of the US population is having the largest gains in their average
9. Explain the difference between relative poverty and absolute poverty.
10. Explain the concept of the feminization of poverty.
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Chapter 13 – Gender Stratification
1. Explain the differences between sex, gender, and gender roles.
2. What has the changes in athletics taught us about gender roles?
3. Discuss women’s challenges to male domination in business and the workplace.
4. Explain, and give an example of the following terms:
The glass ceiling
Comparable worth
5. What factor accounts for the greatest share of the difference in earnings between men
and women in the US?
6. Why are women considered a minority in the US when they are more than half the
7. Discuss the violence against women and where this occurs most.
8. Explain female genital mutilation and where it occurs most.
9. What is the relationship between industrialization and gender equality?
10. Discuss the general trend women have developed with opportunities and power.
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Chapter 14. – Race and Ethnicity
1. Why do Sociologists consider racial types to be misleading?
2. What is the difference between race and ethnicity?
3. Please explain the concepts of :
4. Explain the scapegoat theory of prejudice.
5. Where are most of today’s immigrants coming from?