Ch.5Socialization Socialization: 1. What significant experiences helped create your personality?

1. What significant experiences helped create your personality?
2. What do you feel your parents did well (or not) to raise you to become the person you
are today?
3. How do you see your self-image helping you to do some things and hindering you in
doing others?
4. What parts of your self-image would you like to change? How do you feel you could
go about doing that?
5. How do you see the others influencing your self-image? Why? How could you
change this if you do not like what you see?
6. What type of personality do you feel you have (shy or outgoing, etc.)? What caused
you to develop that personality?
A student’s posting on an isolation case
The following news article I stumbled upon while surfing. This case has just come to
light in Austria. A father kept his daughter in captivity for 24 years, raping her and she
gave birth to seven children over the years. Three of them, the oldest 18, have never seen
the sun.
This article is a story that shocked and upset me. Chapter five discusses the damage that
isolation can cause to babies and children. This case is a bit different because the women
held was 18 when she was locked away. Her mother and three of her children lived in
the house above the dungeon she was locked in and the mother claims to have never
known that her daughter was downstairs this whole time. The police have admitted that
getting details out of them has been difficult. When I read this, I think about how these
people's lives are for the most part, totally destroyed.
The emotional and psychological trauma that has been inflicted may or may not be
fixable in the younger children, but there is evidence that the older people get the hard it
is for them to recover from these things. And we also get to add in the incest that has
occurred with these children and there grandfather also being their father.
i would love to hear what you guys think about this.
Dr. Bob’s note: This site was active when I checked it. However, the internet is
changeable, and sometime the site may have been taken down or not work. Best of luck.