Current Events Report Name: __________________________________ Biology Honors

Current Events Report
Biology Honors
Name: __________________________________
Per. _____
Due date: _____
Title of article: _________________________________________________________________________________
Date of article: ____________ Source: ____________________________________________________________
Directions: read and evaluate a current newspaper/magazine/internet article that demonstrates how science
impacts your life and/or society. Staple the article to this sheet and double check to make sure the article isn’t
more than 3 weeks old FROM YOUR DUE DATE. Wikipedia is not a website you may use as your source. Go to the
biology honors webpage if you need help finding an article.
PART 1: Summarize the current event in six sentences or more. You will lose points if the summary is not in your
own words, if it is too brief, or your sentences are of poor quality. (7 points)
PART 2: Explain how this article impacts society today. In other words, why did the author think it was important
to share? Why should we care? Will this change behaviors or lifestyles? Will the future be affected? (3 points)
PART 3: Write at least one question you have as a result of reviewing the current event. This could something
you’d like to learn more about, something in the article you didn’t understand , confusing terminology, etc.
(2 points)
(For Mrs. Cardellini to fill in)
Quality of the article (2 points)
Article attached (1 point)