MEMO TO: Store Managers FROM: Thomas Campbell

Store Managers
Thomas Campbell
[Current Date]
Trip to Hawaii
Next quarter I will fly to the main island of Hawaii to visit macadamia nut wholesalers. Apparently the
wholesalers have found a way to process fresh macadamias, bypassing the one to two week drying
process. If reports are well-founded and if the resultant nuts meet Campbell’s Confections demanding
standards, we may begin purchasing from them instead of using present suppliers. Such a move would
vastly decrease our expenditures for fillings.
On this trip, I shall be accompanied by whichever store manager reports the highest number of
macadamia nut milk chocolate and macadamia nut dark chocolate sales for the current quarter. (All
expenses will be paid.) Should you wish to run a campaign for the macadamia chocolates, visit our Web
site, click the Managers link, and click macadamia. Promotion costs for the macadamia campaign will be
absorbed by individual store managers.
Good luck with the sales campaign. The winner will be announced in eight weeks.