Chapter 2 • Project Inception and Determination

Chapter 2
• Project Inception and Determination
Question and Answer
Samples and Techniques
Design professionals do not need to be
registered for designs of 5000 s.f. or less.
The individual or organization who is the
instigator is referred to as the?
A speculator that purchases a tract of land
is often referred to as?
Who is the person or organization that is
legally defined as the lessee or tenant?
Persons who are in or approach a
nontransient status are referred to as?
A lessee is?
A lessor is?
How many planets in the solar system have
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all
have rings.
The professional who is registered
according to state law to practice design of
systems of a building is referred to as?
Design professionals are also known as?
The individual who is usually a registered
design professional and is one of the
owners of a firm of design professionals is
called a?
A partner is?
A person who is a second-level responsible
member of a firm is referred to as an?
Single registered professionals who won
and operate a business with no partners
An individual who is responsible for
technical development of the project is?
A drafter or draftsperson is also known as
Who is the person who is a more senior
member, dedicated to the production of
project manuals?
A firm or persons who specialize in a
narrow aspect of a project is known as a?
What is inertia?
Measurement of electrical resistance
A ratio between mass and velocity
Resistance to motion or change
The speed at which an object falls
All of the above